Smart Kitchen Improvements

The kitchen is the center of our lives at home, serving needs way beyond its intended culinary purpose. With so much activity on a daily basis, it’s important that kitchens are equipped with functional features. Make improvements with these five smart upgrades:

Quartz countertops – Move over, granite! Quartz countertops are gaining popularity due to a wide variety of styles and low maintenance costs. They don’t need to be sealed, and are naturally resistant to spills and stains.

Smart faucets – Gone are the days of the simple stream. Homeowners will save time and money with smart faucets that boast varying stream patterns and pressures to ensure just the right amount of water is used. 

Charging stations – Think about how many gadgets homeowners plug in each day – and how much easier it would be if they could all be charged in one location. Whether it’s a freestanding station or installed directly into an island or cabinet drawer, having an area to charge all electronics keeps everything within arm’s reach.

Induction cooktops - Additional seating at an island has long been the norm, but installing an induction cooktop transforms the island into a fully functional workspace. They’re also a snap to clean, blending seamlessly with the surrounding countertop.

Wi-Fi appliances – The future of total home management. Save time with new appliances that come with Wi-Fi capabilities, such as electric wall ovens. Homeowners can preheat the oven ahead of time with a few keystrokes on their phone or tablet.

Source: Consumer Reports 

Reprinted with permission from RISMedia. ©2014. All rights reserved.